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Stobox is an award-winning consulting company in fintech and tokenization

For more than 4 years, our professional team has been providing highly-efficient consulting services which helped our clients apply tokenization in their businesses and simplify the STO processes. With Stobox Consulting it becomes possible to bring your company to a higher level! Enjoy the advantages of a new digital world with our consulting team!

Stobox is an award-winning consulting company that provides services to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities.

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Stobox consulting is a unique gateway for the businesses that are ready to enter the world of the upcoming digital transformations
rocket Aim
Our core aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of how to make decentralized blockchain technologies more accessible to your business, apply and simplify operations with securities and digital assets, and get rid of any barriers to their adoption.
glob Principles
  • Innovation advancement and constant technological development
  • Initiating the latest business models and strategies
  • Simplification and improvement of tokenization procedures
  • Promotion and development of community-driven companies

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Gene Deyev
Gene Deyev
CEO, Co-Founder, Angel Investor
Ross Shemeliak
Ross Shemeliak
COO, Co-Founder
Borys Pikalov
Borys Pikalov
Head of BA, Co-Founder
Yevheniy Makovei
Yevheniy Makovei
DS Dashboard CTO
Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Head of Sales & Customer Success
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Educational programs on tokenization and digital assets, thematic interviews with rock stars from SEC, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, IBM, etc.

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We have a powerful network of partners globally, including law companies, niche service providers, and marketing agencies.


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Stobox continuously contributes to the development of the leading media in such fields as tokenization and decentralized finance.