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Consulting services for STO

We provide expert business assessment and advisory for tokenization and digital assets.

Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Consult our best professionals to raise your business using tokenization.

How can your business benefit from tokenization?

Digital transformation is changing the business world. Stobox offers professional consulting services on tokenization to find the best solutions for your business growth.

The proven effectiveness of tokenization in numbers

Numbers speak louder than words. Check them to see what advantages you can get by choosing new approaches and revolutionary technology.

  • $500
    Minimum investment threshold
  • 10 times cheaper
    Cut on unnecessary expenses
  • 7 times faster
    Speed up the process of making your securities tradable
  • $3+ bln
    Tokenization contracts signed around the world
  • 30%
    Security tokens outperformed the main US Indices in 2020 by 30%
  • $500+ mm
    Capitalization of the STO market

Case studies

Find out how to profit from tokenization in your field.

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How to tokenize your business?

Even though tokenization process may seem a bit complicated, we guarantee professional consulting and assistance with every step.

  • Research
    Stobox provides comprehensive research and professional advice on applying tokenization to your business.
  • Legal structuring
    Stobox helps to structure your offering and prepare the required documents for regulators and investors.
  • Technical setup
    Issue and manage your securities in the digital securities dashboard.
  • Marketing
    Launch an efficient marketing campaign and grow your community of investors.
  • Secondary market
    Get access to trading your securities by using a decentralized P2P swap or specialized exchanges.

Why Stobox?

  • Individual approach to every client

    Each case is unique so our specialists go through every detail to provide the best solution on how to do your offering, choose the most suitable jurisdiction, and mitigate the risks.

  • Assurance of results

    Stay sure that our specialists will deliver the best results and make your offering go as smoothly as possible.

  • Dedicated team

    A team of professionals with thousands of hours of research in the tokenization field will help you do your offering right.

Complete tokenization guide

All legal aspects of tokenization in one expert guide🎓
More than 1500 downloads.
Get your free personal guide!

Engage a professional team to save your time and capital

Stobox has been pioneering in tokenization for more than 4 years and assisted more than 30 clients. Our network of technical, legal, and marketing partners will take care of your STO while you can focus on the issues most crucial for your business.

Do your own STO research
Offering regulation research in the US, EU and Switzerland
6,000 USD
Consult lawyers in different countries regarding the STO regulations and do the comparative analysis.
Corporate structure and tax assessment
6,000 USD
Corporate structure estimate to make it correspond to business requirements and their tax implications according to the jurisdiction of investors and transactions.
Marketing research
5,000 USD
Choosing the right marketing strategy and building a good campaign to reach your potential investors.
General business research
5,000 USD
Comparison of the available options to define the one which will best serve your goal and reduce the risks.
22,000 USD
The final charge during the self-performed analysis will vary considerably as it depends on many factors.
Stobox team will help you save time, avoid risks, and unnecessary spending!
  • Corporate Structure and Tax Estimate
  • Thorough preparation of the consulting report
  • Offering regulation research in different jurisdictions
  • The financial and legal structure of tokens
  • Marketing Research
  • General Business Research
  • Research on secondary trading
10,000 USD
Get a free consultation with a Stobox expert to find out what advantages your business can get from tokenization.

Not sure if tokenization will work for your business?

Ask Stobox expert

Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Head of Sales

Client testimonials

Find out what our clients say about us

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One of the things I liked about Stobox was the flexibility and capability of adapting to our specific needs, to take into account our timing and structure to personalize a solution for us.
Rodrigo López
Rodrigo López
Co-Founder at Candela
Rodrigo López
left quote
Agricultural land for food production is truly one of the most important assets in the world, with growing demand and shrinking acres for supply. We are excited to be working with the Stobox Team and expect to open new opportunities for investors around the world.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Farmland Assets CEO
Robert Smith
left quote
We have recognized that Security Token Offering is a superior method of capital raising, and we are grateful to the Stobox team for a delightful collaboration throughout the project setup, as well as the unquestionable 24/7 support provided during the offering.
Michael Hinman
Michael Hinman
Chairman & founder at Stoneguard Group
Michael Hinman
left quote
Stobox provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies the tokenization process, from legal compliance all the way to token deployment.
Jordan Friske
Jordan Friske
CEO and Lead Blockchain Developer
Jordan Friske

Get answers to the most popular questions

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  • How to attract more investors?