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Access capital and investors internationally with real estate tokenization

Are you having trouble raising capital for real estate development due to high banking interest rates and complexity of the process? Is it challenging to monetize real estate when only a tiny proportion of people can afford to buy a house?

Tokenization is an excellent alternative to traditional ways of fundraising. It allows representing pieces of real estate ownership in the form of blockchain-based tokens that can be offered to thousands of investors all around the world.

Real estate asset tokenization advantages

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Benefit from digitalization
Digitalize the investment procedure to minimize costs, simplify usage, and make your offering appealing to investors.
Empower fractional ownership
A single property represented by tokens can be owned by thousands of investors.
Attract smaller investors
Fractionalization lowers the investment threshold significantly so people can begin with investing as little as $1000.
Tokenized securities are easier to trade using the DS Swap technology, which reduces the risk for investors.
Make trading possible
Tokenized securities are easier to trade using the DS Swap technology, which reduces the risk for investors. DS Swap.
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Reach international buyers
Overcome the limits of a narrow community. Investors from all around the world will now be able to buy your real estate piece.
Increase financial capabilities
The benefits of tokenization allow you to access more money for property construction and obtain better financing terms.

Property tokenization use cases

Learn more about how your company can benefit from tokenization

Raise funds for real estate projects
Real estate security token offering is an excellent source of capital for the production, acquisition, or extension of real estate property.
Purchase distressed property
Raise money by tokenization to buy properties in bad condition, upsurge their valuation, and sell them on the open market, resulting in remarkable profits for you and your investors.
Sell the established assets
A decreased investment threshold allows multiplying the number of people willing to buy property, which means your earnings will increase. Commercial real estate tokenization is particularly impactful due to the significant unit price.
Create a real estate marketplace
Create a tokenized real estate assets platform where you can sell multiple properties, raise money for numerous real estate developments, and enable a large number of landowners to sell their properties.

Borys Pikalov, Co-Founder of Stobox, outlines three transformative market models of real estate tokenization that can be used by developers:

  • Tokenized real estate as bank loans alternative;
  • Renovation flip;
  • Tokenization marketplace that addresses the issue of high property transfer costs.

Get your personal guide on real estate tokenization

Find here the most useful information that includes:
  • Advantages for property owners from real estate tokenization

  • Possible solutions tokenization may offer to the existing problems in real estate industry

  • A step-by-step guide of tokenizing real estate

  • Use cases in real estate tokenization industry

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Who can you reach with a real estate token?

  • Crypto investors
    Crypto investors are eager to expand their portfolio and get more protection with security tokens than with traditional crypto assets.
  • Millennial investors
    Increasing returns and hedging against the unpredictability of the stock market are Gen-Y investors' main focus when it comes to alternative investments.
  • HNWIs and family offices
    Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals are interested in real estate STOs to get a better investing experience, increased liquidity, and take advantage of excellent alternative opportunities.

Legal aspects of tokenization

Real estate tokens do not directly represent physical parts of real estate. Instead, they represent shares of a Special Purpose Vehicle, a company that holds the property. Real estate security tokens are entirely legal and governed by the same laws that apply to all financial instruments. Depending on the investment form, tokenholders have a direct claim on the cash flows from the real estate or even the land itself as holders of stock or bonds. This ensures that investors are well-protected.
Dissimilar to the underlying real estate, the sale of shares does not require amendments to the land registry, making property-backed tokens faster and more flexible to transfer.
To make the tokenized real estate transaction even more convenient, we can set up a holding company in a jurisdiction with favorable securities laws. Do you wish to learn more about the legal context of this process?

How can commercial and residential real estate assets be tokenized with Stobox assistance?

Look deeper into the project, create an appealing transaction structure, and spot potential weaknesses

Stobox conducts a comprehensive assessment of the project and recommends the correct way to implement tokenization.

Borys Pikalov
Head of BA, Co-Founder
Learn more about applying tokenization from a regulatory standpoint. Discover three legal mechanisms of real estate tokenization from our on-field experience.

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$500+ million in real estate has already been tokenized!

PromoterDomicile of PromoterLabelType Size (€)
Aspen Digital
tokenized United States
Aspen Coin Single Assets 16,330,200
tokenized Switzerland
Aspen Coin Fund 2,705,600
tokenized Slovenia
Techpark Single Assets 15,000
tokenized Germany
Peakside Fund Fund 2,200,000
tokenized Switzerland
BrickMark Single Assets 110,000,000
tokenized Hong Kong
BASE Fund 5,290,300
Evarei Management
tokenized Cayman Islands
Evareium Fund 1,814,500
tokenized Singapore
Fraxtor Single Assets Small
iCap Equity
tokenized Washington, US
iCap Equity Fund 1,130,000
Max Property Group
tokenized Netherlands
Max Property Fund Fund 6,090,000
tokenized Germany
Peakside Fund IV Fund Up to 200m
tokenized Luxembourg
Belval Single Assets Small
tokenized United States
Quantum REIT Fund 20,000,000
tokenized United States
Resolute Fund Fund Up to 100m
tokenized United Kingdom
Smartlands PBSA Single Assets 1,000,000
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