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Grow your business with Stobox digital asset consulting

Increased customer loyalty, higher community engagement, outreach to new investor groups, the realization of innovative business models — your company can reach plenty of new opportunities by utilizing the potential of digital assets.

Business cases and strategies for applying digital assets

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  • Monetization of web projects

    Allow the users of your website use the tokens to get access to limited paid features, buy your products, or donate.

  • Digital merch and collectible items

    The market of digital collectible items is evolving. Issue your own tokens in order to raise brand awareness and community engagement.

  • Tokenized loyalty programs

    Issue loyalty point tokens that can be collected and traded to make your loyalty program more efficient.

    loyalty programs
  • Fractional ownership

    Real estate and fine art pieces are usually quite expensive, and therefore, it is hard to find buyers for them. With tokenization, each unit can be split into lots of tokens and sold to multiple investors.

  • Crowdfunding

    Sell tokens to investors worldwide to provide financial support for your business development through alternative funding sources.

  • Marketplace

    Establish a marketplace of tokenized items in order to increase investment opportunities and facilitate transactions.


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New opportunities you get with digital assets

First movers have already experienced the benefits of tokenization

  • Virtual avatars can now wear a pair of the limited-collections Gucci shoes that have been issued as NFT.

  • JPM Coin is a token issued by JP Morgan to allow cross-border transactions.

  • Barca Fan Tokens enable participation in votings about the club activity. The sale of tokens worth €1.3 million ended in just 2 hours.

  • USDT is a stablecoin the price of which is pegged to the US dollar. USDT is a popular means of payment.

  • Uniswap is a decentralized network protocol that facilitates automated transactions between tokens on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

  • Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain oracle network built on Ethereum.

We are here to help you implement the latest market practices by issuing digital assets

We identified the best practices and will offer you only proven methods we have already tested globally during our work with multiple clients.

  • digital maginifying
    Increase transparency
  • digital dex
  • hammer
    Eliminate unfavorable jurisdictions
  • digital balanced
    Reach balanced tokenomics
  • legal document
    Legal setup
  • bird
    Build relations with influencers in social media
  • digital chat
    Top-level management of the community chats
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Supported technologies:

Stobox services

Research on digital assets business models

It includes a comprehensive research of the requirements to your particular project and advice on how to apply crypto assets and meet these requirements.

  • Business estimate of using digital assets for your business

    An assessment of applying digital assets to your business, and advice on choosing the most suitable type of digital assets offering (ICO/IDO/STO/IEO/ITO).

    from $10,000
  • Consulting on digital assets

    Advice on the most suitable practices and their application to your business.

    from $450/hour
    min. contract $6,000
Digital assets reports

Separate reports

  • Assessment of utility token model that would be feasible for business yet attractive for purchasers.
    Advice on legal classification of the token.

    ≈ $15,000
  • Legal treatment of utility tokens in chosen jurisdictions

    ≈ $9,500
  • Consulting on the technical performance of the business strategy that involves required smart contracts, most suitable blockchains, appropriate DeFi solutions, etc.

    from $10,000
  • A token financial strategy that includes expectations for supply, demand, costs, etc.

    from $15,000
  • Legal support and suitable jurisdiction choice to establish stablecoins

    from $15,000
  • Consulting on implementing NFTs, including ones related to the Metaverse

    from $12,000
  • Consulting on implementing DeFi protocols and mechanics

    from $12,000
  • Consulting on managing token liquidity

    from $5,000
  • Review or draft of the project whitepaper

    from $7,500
  • Advisory services

    from $450/hour
Project implementation

As your loyal partner, Stobox will assist you even after the project is issued to reach maximum profit for your business.

  • Marketing consulting

    Planning and realization of the marketing strategy delivered by a vast network of our marketing partners.

    upon request
  • Consulting on exchange listing and liquidity management

    Stobox will help you with a cross-listing process on the exchanges and support the trading process there.

    upon request
  • Influencer and investor relations support

    Stobox will show you how to use your team as a powerful force to develop your business through particular management approaches and communication strategies.

    upon request

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Our clients

Our team has multiple clients in different parts of the world and guides them through the process of managing and issuing digital assets.

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