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Expert consulting on legal aspects of digital assets and tokenization

The digital asset sphere is developing extremely fast and provides unique opportunities for various businesses. But to be able to use them and mitigate potential legal risks, professional help is required.

Why are legal services important while adopting digital assets?

Professional legal advice and support for digital assets and tokenization

  • Project research and legal assessment

    We provide profound research of your case from a legal perspective, and offer the jurisdiction that suits your project perfectly by estimating possible legal risks, requirements of the company, and existing strategy.

  • Establishment of global corporate structure

    Stobox experts establish a corporate structure for one or more companies and determine relations between them in order to avoid legal risks, protect investor rights, and lower the tax burden.

  • Filing of reports

    Stobox consulting involves professional help in regulatory reporting and filings to avoid fines and additional fees in order to save your time and keep everything in the right order.

  • arrow Digital asset licensing

    Stobox provides professional help in arranging legal documentation and licensing in the digital assets industry.

  • arrow Legal documentation arrangement

    Stobox prepares all the drafts of legal documentation and manages the processes related to them.

Legal documentation for STO

Our professionals in the legal field take full responsibility for the preparation of documents required for your STO.

  • legal token Token legal opinion

    his document classifies the token and is important for the listing on different platforms, including crypto exchanges, as they list only particular types of digital assets. It also proves the legitimacy of the token, which is crucial for investors.

  • legal offering Offering memorandum / whitepaper

    If you are going to issue and sell your digital assets, this document will be required even if you have not registered the offering. You will have to provide an appropriate disclosure for investors, with a clear explanation of your company operations and possible risks.

  • legal agreements Legal agreements

    Get professional help to prepare all legal documents, including token purchase agreements, subscription agreements, etc., that protect investors and other participants of the project. It will provide both legal and technical confidence.

  • legal kyc KYC / AML policies, privacy policies

    Conventional policies required for compliance to assure investors of the safeness of their data and that your token has not been involved in any money laundering.

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Best suiting jurisdiction for your STO

Security token offering is a great way to fundraise efficiently and make your assets liquid. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to arrange this process correctly and in accordance with the legal requirements.

Stobox experts will provide you with a clear understanding of the legal processes and assist in avoiding risks. We have researched private and corporate placement legislation in more than 20 most common jurisdictions to help choose the one which will suit your business the most.

According to our deep analysis, these jurisdictions are the best for an STO launch:

  • usa United States
  • gibraltar Gibraltar
  • liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • SWITZERLAND Switzerland
  • cayman islands The Cayman Islands

Our clients

Our team has multiple clients in different parts of the world and guides them through the process of managing and issuing digital assets.

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  • farmland
  • stoneguard
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  • landshare
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Client testimonials

Find out what our clients say about us

left quote
One of the things I liked about Stobox was the flexibility and capability of adapting to our specific needs, to take into account our timing and structure to personalize a solution for us.
Rodrigo López
Rodrigo López
Co-Founder at Candela
Rodrigo López
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Agricultural land for food production is truly one of the most important assets in the world, with growing demand and shrinking acres for supply. We are excited to be working with the Stobox Team and expect to open new opportunities for investors around the world.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Farmland Assets CEO
Robert Smith
left quote
We have recognized that Security Token Offering is a superior method of capital raising, and we are grateful to the Stobox team for a delightful collaboration throughout the project setup, as well as the unquestionable 24/7 support provided during the offering.
Michael Hinman
Michael Hinman
Chairman & founder at Stoneguard Group
Michael Hinman
left quote
Stobox provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies the tokenization process, from legal compliance all the way to token deployment.
Jordan Friske
Jordan Friske
CEO and Lead Blockchain Developer
Jordan Friske

What makes us different from other consulting firms

Our legal partners

Stobox cooperates with highly-professional law companies in more than 10 jurisdictions globally. Using their expertise while choosing digital assets and legal services helps to avoid multiple risks.

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